Thursday, October 11, 2018

Table of Content

 Electrical "Rough in" 

Links to articles.

Single Pole Switch Wiring Methods 
Photos, line diagrams and wiring schematics 
explaining single pole wiring techniques.

3 Way Switch Wiring Methods 
Photos, diagrams and schematics explaining 3 way switch wiring techniques including some that should be banned.

4 Way Switch Wiring Methods  
Electrical Finish

Diagrams and schematics explaining 
4 way switch wiring techniques.

Nailing Up Electrical Boxes 
More in depth information on the "Rough In" stage with pictures of techniques.

Drilling Walls For Electrical Wiring  
Some basic drilling methods with photos.

GFCI Receptacles
Understanding Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles.
Single Pole article

How to Fix a Dead Outlet 
1) Reset ALL circuit breakers 
2) Reset ALL GFCI outlets 
 3) Flip on ALL switches.

Ohms Law 
1 law, 4 quantities, 12 formulas and 1 flaw.  
With pie charts, triangle charts and calculators.

Tools and Equipment Used by Residential Electricians 
Including 10 tools for beginners.

Life as a Residential Electrician
A Job description explaining the expectations 
of a Residential Electrician.

The 5 Stages of Residential Electrical Construction

How Electricians are scheduled into the overall 
construction of a house.

The Electrical Rough in of a new house 
Installing the electrical system before sheet rock is applied.

The Electrical Finish of a new house 
Installing the electrical components after the paint is dry.
Nailing up boxes article 

Introduction to Switch Wiring 
More in depth information on the "Finish" stage.  
This Home page. (120v stands for 120 volts) 

Drilling walls for house wiring 

Article on 3 way switch wiring methods (to read the article, click the photo)

Make your own spinning wire reel using materials found on the job.
The washer (in photo), held down with wire (cable), spins on the head of the nail.

Sometimes you get to return to a house that you wired as new. 
This photo was taken 6 years after we finished the house. 

Another view, notice the indirect rope lighting near the ceiling